How We Save You Money

* Each patient has an individual treatment plan based on his/her orthodontic needs.  One treatment plan (and one price) does not fit everyone.

* There are no games, gimmicks or "free items" for you to pay for.

* Our affordable fees are available every day.  There is no need to wait for discounts offered only on Align Day and during National Dental Health Month.

* Affordable fees benefit every patient, every day.

* There is no pressure to start treatment immediately in order to take advantage of promotional discounts.

* Be sure to include our office when shopping for orthodontic services, you will like what you hear in our office.

* Insurance is filed promptly and correctly the first time so that you can receive your full insurance benefit quickly.

* Insurance benefits can be verified online in our office at any time.

* We will assist you in resolving any problems that you may have with your insurance company as quickly as possible.

* We ask that you cancel an appointment 24 hours in advance so that appointment time is not wasted.  Wasted appointment time leads to increased costs for everyone.

* We offer affordable, interest free payment plans. 

* Please let us know if you loose your job during orthodontic treatment.  Alternative payment options may be available.

* Our office efficiently uses your appointment time in order to minimize the number of trips to the office.  This minimizes gas usage and time away from work.

* We offer automatic payment to your credit card to save you money on postage.

* We offer a discount for prepayment of  the orthodontic fee.

* Dr. Staggers sees every patient at every appointment and provides treatment that will produce the results that you desire in the shortest amount of treatment time possible.


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Winchester, VA 22601