Your First Visit  SmileGirl

To be evaluated for braces or Invisalign®, please schedule a consultation appointment.  Free consultations are available daily from 9am to 11:30am.  Consultations are available at any other times for $25.  Dr. Staggers will evaluate you/your child and personally discuss your treatment options.  Depending on how many questions that you have, the consultation appointment usally lasts about 15 minutes.  If you decide to proceed with treatment, orthodontic records (X-Rays of the teeth and face, photographs, a detailed clinical exam and molds of the teeth) would then be done.  The records appointment takes about 30 minutes.  After records have been taken, a treatment conference is scheduled so that Dr. Staggers can explain your customized treatment plan.  Dr. Staggers will explain what problems are present, how the teeth may be corrected and the treatment fees before anything is done.  There are no high pressure sales techniques, only a straight forward discusion of your dental needs.  Fees for all services are discussed in advance so that there are no financial surprises.

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