Adult Orthodontic Treatment Perfomed by Julie Staggers D.D.S., M.S.

Transform Your  Smile, Change Your Life

AdultA1        AdultA2

Missing permanent teeth with mild tooth crowding (crookedness)


AdultD1         AdultD2

Moderate tooth crowding and aging crowns (orthodontic treatment and new crowns)


AdultB1         AdultB2

Excessive spacing (gaps) of the teeth


AdultC1        AdultC2

Severe crowding (crookedness) of the teeth


AdultE1        AdultE2

Severe tooth crowding (orthodontic treatment and teeth bleaching)


AdultPretx4         AdultPostx4

Severe crowding (crookedness) of the teeth and gum recession

Each patient presents with their own unique problems.  Individual results may  vary.

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