Financial & Insurance Info

Treatment fees are based on the severity of the orthodontic problems, the type of orthodontic appliances used and the length of treatment.

Affordable, interest-free payment plans are available. We welcome dental insurance!  We will file ALL insurance claims and accept payments from ALL insurance companies so that you may receive your maximum benefit. Dr. Staggers is a preferred provider for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental and United Concordia. We will file claims for ALL insurance companies. MasterCard, Visa and Discover are accepted. Be sure to visit our office when shopping for orthodontic services. You will like what you hear.

Payment Plans

All payment plans provided by Dr. Staggers are interest-free and involve a down payment, due an the start of treatment, followed by monthly payments until the balance is paid off. We offer a discount for payment of the entire orthodontic fee at the start of treatment. Payments as low as $115 per month are available.

Payment Problems

In the unfortunate case that financial problems arise during treatment, please contact the office so that we may assist you. New financial arrangements may be possible. If you cannot afford treatment any longer, you can stop treatment at any time. You will only be financially responsible for treatment that has been received.


We will file all insurance claims for all insurance companies. Dr. Staggers is a preferred provider for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental and United Concordia, and the office will file insurance claims to ALL insurance companies. Most orthodontic policies cover $1000 to $1500 per lifetime of the child, even if Dr. Staggers is not a preferred provider for your insurance company. With most orthodontic policies, you can receive orthodontic treatment from Dr. Staggers and still receive your full orthodontic insurance benefit. Please be aware that insurance policies vary and some of this information may not apply to your policy. The office staff will handle your insurance claim.  All that you need to provide is the policy or group number, the policyholder's social security number or id number and the company address where claims are to be sent.  Orthodontic claims usually only need to be filed on two occasions. The first is for the orthodontic records. Since the records involve radiographs and clinical examination, most insurance companies will cover a portion of the records fee, even if the policy does not cover orthodontic services. Typically, insurance companies cover about 50% of the records fee. The second time an orthodontic claim is filed is for the orthodontic treatment fee at the beginning of treatment. If you would like to know what portion of the orthodontic fee your insurance company will pay prior to the start of treatment, this claim can be filed prior to the start of treatment as a pretreatment estimate. The insurance company will then send you a form explaining how much of the fee is covered and their reimbursement schedule. This information is also available on your companies web site, in the insurance handbook given to you at the time of insurance purchase or may be obtained by calling your insurance company. Our dental staff may be able to obtain this information online for you. Regardless of whether a pretreatment estimate is filed, we will file for the orthodontic treatment fee on the day that treatment is started. Orthodontic appliances must be in place in order for the insurance company to consider payment of the claim. The staff will file for the entire treatment at the start of treatment. The insurance company will consider the entire orthodontic fee once the form has been received and will decide on the amount that will be covered. The insurance company will send payments based on what is covered under your policy and the company's payment schedule. In order for the treatment fee to be covered, you must have a policy that includes orthodontic services. Most orthodontic policies cover $1000 to $1500 per lifetime of the child. General dentistry policies will not cover orthodontic services. Different insurance companies reimburse claims at different rates. Most insurance companies will send payments on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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