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Clear aligners are thin, plastic removable appliances that are used to straighten teeth.  The technology of aligning teeth using removable, plastic orthodontic appliances is not new.  It has been around for about 30 years and was largely developed by the TP Orthodontic Company.  What is new today is the technology for fabricating multiple, clear plastic appliances to create more tooth movement over a longer period of time which was developed by Align Technology.  Several orthodontic companies are producing clear aligners, but the majority of aligner treatment is done with ClearCorrect and Align Technology.

Dr. Staggers' treatment results with ClearCorrect™ are featured on the ClearCorrect  web site.  CLICK HERE to view treatment results at the end of the ClearCorrect™  web page.


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Dr. Staggers was a featured speaker for ClearCorrect™  at the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session and has an article about ClearCorrect™  treatement published in Orthotown, a professional dental journal. CLICK HERE to view.

What are Clear Aligners? 

Clear aligners are thin, plastic appliances that fit snuggly over the teeth.  Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners involves wearing a series of clear aligners over several months.  The aligners put pressure on the teeth, which results in tooth movement.  Treatment involves wearing several aligners over the course of treatment.  With each aligner, the teeth are slightly improved, and over time, noticeable tooth improvement occurs.  Each aligner must be worn all the time except when eating or brushing the teeth.  After completion or treatment, an aligner is worn as a retainer for several months to hold the teeth in their new positions.


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Treatment Time: The length of time required for orthodontic aligner treatment varies depending on the severity of the original problem. Mild problems can be treated in as little as 2 to10 months while more complicated problems may require 2 years or more of treatment.

Wear:  Clear Aligners are easy to wear. Most people won’t even know that you are wearing them.  They are comfortable to wear and are easy to clean as the teeth.  Since aligners are removable, oral hygiene is easier, and there is less chance of tooth decay, tooth staining or gum disease during treatment. 

Costs:  The cost of Clear Aligner treatment varies depending on the severity of the original orthodontic problems and the expected length of treatment time.  In most cases, the cost is comparable to traditional braces.  Our office offers affordable Clear Aligner fees every day, so there is no need to wait for a promotional discount.

Clear Aligners are effective in treating:

1. minor to moderate tooth crowding (crookedness)

2. tooth spacing (gaps)

3. minor tooth rotations

4. orthodontic relapse

5. limited treatment on adults

6. individuals who want orthodontic treatment without the look of traditional braces

7. esthetic conscious adults

Clear Aligners are not effective in treating:

1. severely crowded teeth

2. severely rotated teeth

3. poor bites

4. growth problems  

5. impacted teeth

Clear Aligners do not make some tooth movments with the same precision as traditional braces, and as a result, Clear Aligners are not an appropriate treatment option for some individuals.  However, when used appropriately, Clear Aligners can produce good orthodontic results.

Combination Treatment:  Some individuals with more complicated orthodontic problems that are beyond the scope of Clear Aligners can have combination treatment starting with a few months of braces and finishing with clear aligners.  At your consultation appointment, Dr. Staggers can tell you if this option is right for you.

Example of Clear Aligner Treatment Performed by Dr. Staggers

Before Treatment

   InvisalignPretx2       InvisalignPretx1

After 9 Months of Treatment

  InvisalignPosttx1       InvisalignPosttx2 

Before Treatment                                      After Treatment

  Clear Correct Pretreatment       ClearCorrectPostx

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